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Facilitate tele-auscultation in just 5 lines of code


Cardiopulmonary auscultation is an art requiring years of practice.

If the ear is important in this exercise, the positioning of the stethoscope is just as important. 

During a teleconsultation, the positioning of the stethoscope is delegated to the accompanying nursing staff or to the patient himself when he does not have the anatomical knowledge to carry out an auscultation.

To answer this problem,

WeMed has developed a real-time anatomical tracker allowing precise positioning of each auscultation focus on the patient's screen thanks to augmented reality.


Beyond our augmented reality engine, our API integrates an optimization of heart and lung sounds allowing exceptional and immersive auscultation.

Developed to be quickly integrated into your solutions based on the Vonage library, 5 lines of code are enough to benefit from all of our innovations for free.

To integrate the SKOP API now, nothing could be simpler!!

Create your API key and click the next button.

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