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Our history

Who are we ?

Wemed designs medical devices for telemedicine, which aim to exceed the functionality of existing devices, while being financially accessible to as many people as possible.

How to achieve this tour de force?

By taking inspiration from Nature, which has developed the simplest and most sophisticated systems that are, patiently, selecting the best in efficiency.

This is why our materials are bio-mimetic. Simple, clever, inexpensive, with an attractive design.

Why give preference to telemedicine equipment?

Wemed was born during the COVID-19 health crisis, which saw the need for new remote diagnostic medical devices emerge and whose use continues to grow. Because the health situation induces a lot of patients, still as few beds and a very busy nursing staff. To reduce the pressure on the healthcare system, some patients could be monitored remotely.

In addition, apart from COVID-19, some patients (especially of the heart and lungs) no longer consult for fear of being infected. These patients could also tele-consult, provided that the teleconsultation equipment is available, to the greatest number, at a lower cost for the health system ...

Our ambition is very simple: to help the nursing staff to follow their patients without serious symptoms recovering at home. And to relieve congestion in waiting rooms and limit cross-contamination.

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